about Clue.

What is your dream?
What do you want to do in the future?
There are many stages in your life. For example, go on to the next stage of education, find work, get marriage, childbirth and child care, furthermore, manage to balance work and home life.
People with disabilities often have great anxiety at every stage. However, in many cases, there are no people around them who can talk to them.
We interview to seniors who live a little ahead and We would like to ask them
about the conflicts they experienced at each life stage and the concrete methods and ways of thinking to overcome them.
There may be some hints about what you are worried about right now.
After collecting such tips from these articles, it's your turn. Let's take the first step to challenge what you dream.
Don't give up what you want to do before you try because you have a disability.
Don't think you can't.
I want you to live your precious life without being bound by the ideas of others and the common sense created by society.
We want to give you a boost towards that dream that you secretly desire in your heart.

about members


Writer and Editor-in-Chief
Disability : Charcot-marie-tooth disease
I am a company employee who has progressive intractable disease. I always enjoy everyday forgetting that I have disability. My hobbies are visiting cafes, traveling, watching movies and dramas.

My dream that I want to realize
I want to build a detached house with a sun terrace and live happily with my family.


Disability : Cerebral palsy (spastic both paralysis)
Electric wheelchair users. I had studied welfare at university and obtained a qualification as a social worker. Currently I’m working in welfare-related work for the elderly. I love sneakers and clothes.

My dream that I want to realize
I would like to develop a society where everyone can do what they want to do regardless of their disabilities,  gender or environment.

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